Smart Electronic Gadgets to Gift your Loved Ones this Festive Season

Smart Electronic Gadgets to Gift your Loved Ones this Festive Season

As a present – give your loved one a futuristic tech gift this festive season. Skip the socks and sweets and treat your friends and family to a piece of technology they can enjoy for years to come. Here are some of our suggestions on interesting gadgets that make great gifts.

For the coming-of-age: Laptop

A laptop is a great gift for cousins or siblings who are just starting off with college and will have projects and assignments. Since they will need something basic – you can go for entry-level laptops that are affordable yet reliable.


For the ones far, far away: Smartphone

A smart phone is a great gift to give parents or family members who live far away and whom you need to communicate with often. With all the chat and video-calling apps, distances can disappear with this gift.


For the bookworm: Kindle

For that friend who loves reading but has no more room for books – a kindle is the perfect gift. Light and sturdy, the kindle is a convenient way to carry around hundreds of books in one small device. You’re saving space for your friend and saving the environment in the process.


For the shutterbug: Instant Camera

An instant camera is a perfect gift for those who love capturing precious (and random) moments. You can gift it to an elderly relative who misses the old days of physical photographs or a just-married couple going on their honeymoon or even new parents who can make a scrapbook of their baby’s moods and milestones. If you’re gifting this to a little cousin, you can even throw in some stickers and frames.


For the ones with an ancient idiot box: TV

If your grandparents still have a box TV or one that they have to squint to see, a wide-screen TV is just what they need. Grandpa can see the cricket scores better and granny won’t have to sit inches away from the screen to watch her favorite shows.


For anyone: Home Automation

A great gift for absolutely anyone will be to get home automation set up for them. Home automation cuts utility costs and gives you control over the house’s lighting, temperature and more, making life simpler and safer.


On a budget? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Simply book a repair service for your loved one and they’ll be thanking you for months.

Know of more techie treats that will make great gifts? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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