How to Get the Entire Family Involved this Festive Season

How to Get the Entire Family Involved this Festive Season

Festivals are a time of traditions, merriment and fun. It’s also a time for chores, tasks and maybe some arguments. Because of this, some family members may take on more responsibilities while others choose to avoid the festivities all together. Since the purpose of these celebrations is to bring people closer – here are ways to make it a fun-filled time for the entire family.

Revamp the house

Instead of just cleaning the house for the festivals, why not give it a makeover? You can get the entire family involved and move furniture around, buy new linen and add some decorations. This way, the family gets a chance to bond as your house transforms into a home.

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Make lists

While making lists of people to visit or give gifts/sweets to, ask the children for suggestions or to make their own lists. This will help them feel like the festivals are not just for adults.

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Pick a charity

Give the younger ones a few days to research and come up with one or two charities they would like to contribute towards. It can be in the form of money or even sweets and gifts. You can pick an orphanage, old-age home, school for the specially-abled or an animal shelter and even visit the place on the day of the festival to share and spread the joy.

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Fun competitions

Come up with fun competitions like sweet-eating, rangoli-drawing, arranging of the gift plates to give guests, lighting lamps, etc. This will get everyone (including teenagers) excited and involved.

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Make a ‘family’ video

Here’s a way to add technology to tradition. Make a fun family video that you can send out to relatives and friends to wish them for the festivals. You can capture candid moments or even plan and rehearse a festive message (or song) to send out.

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Kitchen time

Instead of leaving the cooking to one person, get everyone to help out. Something like rolling the laddoos into balls or mixing ingredients will bring everyone together and create a sense of pride when the finished product is ready.

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Share the load

You can assign tasks to every member on the day of the festival. You can make the little one in charge of letting you know when the diyas are dying out or when the treat plates needs to be refilled.

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Take a day off

Make use of the holidays and take a day off to spend time together as a family. You can go for a picnic or a theme park or to a nice spot just outside the city to spend a day.

family time

Create your own traditions

By adding twists and spins to the old traditions, you can make each festival your own and give the family something to look forward to every year. Things like the wishing video and rangoli competitions will get the children planning and practicing ahead of time.

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Have more ideas on how to get the entire family involved during the festival season? Leave a comment below.

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