5 Dussehra Delicacies from Different Parts of India

5 Dussehra Delicacies from Different Parts of India

After Navaratri comes Dussehra – one of the biggest and most popular Hindu festivals. It is celebrated differently in various parts of the country – with interesting traditions and rituals followed in every state. In the North there are plays and musicals based on the life of Ram. In the South, dolls are decorated and displayed along with flowers and lamps.

Though the customs might vary, one thing is constant – great food. Most people follow some kind of fast during the nine days preceding this day, so food plays an important role in the celebration of Dussehra. Here are some of the main Dussehra dishes from different parts of the country.

Bengal, Tripura and Orissa – Mutton kosha

The typical Dussehra feast includes mutton biryani, ghugni or mutton kosha with pooris. The Kosha mangsho is a semi-gravy mutton dish that is packed with flavor and made almost exclusively on special occasions and festivals. Other yummy Bengali dishes served during the festive season are luchi (a form of breakfast pooris), sandesh (sweet dish with paneer, saffron and nuts), tangra macher jhol (catfish curry), and more.

Dussehra delicacies

Gujarat – Jalebi and Fafda

Fafda is a popular Gujarati fried snack that’s made from gram flour and served with chutney.  In most places you’ll find it with hot jalebis. During Dussehra, these foods are offered to the Lord and then the devotees eat it as Prasad. Other popular dishes prepared during this time are khamam dhokla (gram flour cake), rava dhokla and more.

Dussehra delicacies

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu – Pattani Sundal

Made with kabuli chana or chickpeas, sundal is prepared on festivals such as Dussehra and Ganesh chaturthi and distributed as Prasad. It is a very healthy snack as the chana is just boiled and then seasons with mustard seeds, curry leaves, salt and coconut shavings.

Dussehra delicacies

Delhi Food Stalls

The most significant part of the Dussehra celebrations in Delhi is the Ram Leela performance. These plays and enactments draw in large crowds so there are always plenty of food stalls offering all kinds of treats like chaats, tikkis, chole kulchas, juices, ice creams, sweets and more. One of popular dishes during this time is the aloo kulcha which consists of crisp and soft flat breads that have a spiced potato stuffing. This dish is even eaten for breakfast.

Dussehra delicacies

Mumbai – Pural Poli

A festive dish prepared by Maharashtrians and Gujaratis mostly during Dussehra, Ganesh chaturthi and Holi, Pural Poli is a flatbread that’s stuffed with a mixture of lentils cooked with jaggery and cardamom powder. This dish is best served hot with a generous helping of ghee.

Dussehra delicacies

So along with getting the house cleaned and getting yourself looking your festive best, try out one (or more) of these yummy dishes from different states and give this Dussehra a new flavor.

If just reading about these delicacies got you drooling, tell us what your favorite is by leaving a comment below.

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