12 Ways to Spend a Satisfying Summer Afternoon at Home

Is the summer making you wish you were a vampire who could stay hidden all day and come out after sunset?

It is only the beginning of April and it already feels like peak summer! The rising temperatures cause a spike in our tempers as well, ruining our will to do anything that requires any energy.

Here is a list of things you can do with minimal effort when you’re home on a sultry summer afternoon.

  • This would of course be a no-brainer—hop into bed for some gratifying shuteye. We guarantee that you will wake up as the best and most pleasant version of yourself.
  • Play with your pet dog—what could be more satisfying than making Bruno do some tricks?

  • Experiment with treats to beat the heat – here’s a fun recipe for a milkshake: Blend together a cup of milk, a pint of vanilla ice cream, a spoon of chocolate sauce and a few Oreo cookies. Pour into a tall glass and crush another two cookies on top. To feel fancy, drop in a bendy straw.

  • Binge watch your favorite TV series—we’ve all wondered what happened to Jon Snow in Game of Thrones or if Mike Ross makes it on Suites, so why not be a happy couch potato and find out?

  • Play on your XBOX—Star Wars, James Bond, 007, Grand Theft Auto, there is no dearth of options.
  • Watch a documentary— Take your pick from whatever you’re into – be it crime, politics, fashion, history or wildlife.
  • Try some DIY arts and crafts projects for your room – the internet is full of tutorials.
  • Work on your painting/sketching skills—and look like you mean serious business in your paint-stained dungarees and paint brush behind your ears.
  • Call your closest friends and chat for hours (make sure you have an economical phone-plan first). However the conversations starts off, it most certainly lead to gossip – and that’s when things get interesting!

  • Get onto various social media channels until boredom strikes.
  • Go through (and organize in the process) your wardrobe and try out the clothes you haven’t worn in years. Who knows, you might suddenly be able to fit into those faded jeans from high school.

  • Spoil yourself with some beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, all this will make sense only if your AC is working. Get that fixed before you decide to hide from the sun by staying indoors.

If you have your own list of things to do at home on a hot summer’s day, add to the list by leaving a comment below.

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