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What Are You Doing to Save the Planet?

The world is facing a water crisis, but just how serious is the problem? In India, only 33% of the country’s population has access to basic sanitation – besides, about 21% of diseases are spread through unclean drinking water. The more wells we dig, the worse is the impact on groundwater levels. What’s even more worrying is that the country’s population is expected to hit 1.6 billion by 2050, prompting the water situation to deteriorate further!

The earth is our home, providing us with all we need to live – it is only fair to give back to it by being eco-conscious and conserving its resources. Hence, I bring to you a quick list of things you can do to save water and be an environmentally responsible citizen of the world.

Conserve while washing

You can save a lot of water while washing your dishes and clothes. While washing dishes, set aside two buckets of water – one for actually washing the dishes and another to rinse them afterwards. You may finish by placing the utensils under some running water for better cleaning. The trick is to use a continuous supply of (running) water only sparingly. Consider washing your clothes only when your washing machine (front loaders are more efficient than top loaders) is fully loaded with laundry – this little trick can help save gallons of water. The same approach works with dishwashing machines as well.

Watering etiquette

Instead of throwing out wet vegetable waste, use it to make compost for your little garden or lawn – this increases the water retention capacity of the soil. Water your plants in the morning or the evening to reduce evaporation. Try adjusting the settings on your sprinkler to minimize water wastage. Wash all your vegetables and fruits in a container filled with water while skipping using running water from a faucet – later, water your plants with this water to avoid unnecessary wastage.

Monitor that bath

If you have many pet animals, give them a bath together. It takes more water to fill a bathtub than to use a shower, so take short showers while using the bathtub only occasionally. Check your toilets and faucets for leaks and get them fixed immediately. Insulate your water pipes to ensure quicker hot water supply from the geyser – this way, you will waste lesser cool water while running yourself a bath. Choose water regulating showers and taps that allow a slower flow. Also, turn off the faucet when you are brushing or shaving i.e. when you do not actually need the water.

It has been one of the sultriest summers yet in the country, and saving water is one of the few ways we can prevent the situation from escalating further. The key to water conservation is a robust, efficient plumbing system for your home and offices – make sure yours is in shipshape by having one of our trained professionals take a look at it.


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