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Ways to take care of your skin this winter

One can smell winter in the air. The chills in the weather could be felt at a palpable level. On one hand, it sets the mood for incessant rounds of coffee whereas on the other hand, it calls for an extensive skin care regime. Here are a few winter skin care tips that will keep your skin fresh, rejuvenated and lively:

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1) Moisturize: Well how much can the fact that winter makes your skin go rough be emphasized. It is best suggested to consult a specialist if you don’t know what moisturizer would suit your skin. Also, do not leave out the cleansing and toning regime before moisturizing your skin.

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2) Do not skip sunscreen: It is perhaps the biggest myth that needs to be addressed. Sunscreen should be used religiously even in the winters. Extend the application to your hands as well. Make sure to repeat it every time you move out.

3) Lip Balm: Chapped lips could be the cause of great stress. Therefore, indulge in a rich thick lip balm to deal with the harsh winter weather. Also, stop licking your lips as it renders them lifeless and dry.

4) Stay away from wet socks and gloves: All clothing that sticks to the body should be dry and warm. Wet socks have the potential of causing cracks and sores and numerous infections.

5) Hydrate Well: Yes! Drinking water is a must in winters as well. You must try not to change your water intake during the colder months. A well-hydrated person not only ends up having a glowing skin but also a healthier body.

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6) Hot baths are best avoided: Yes! while it might give you momentary pleasure, warm water is exacting on the skin. It devoids the skin of all its nutrients and renders it dry. Stick to lukewarm water for best results.

7) Honey comes handy: It is not uncommon to see elbows and knees develop dry rough patches on the skin due to lack of moisture. Honey comes in handy here. You could go natural or opt for a honey based scrub to ensure better blood circulation and healthier skin.
honey8) Pedicure: The more you care for your skin, the younger and healthier it will be.
Go for regular pedicures. Before going to bed take time for scrubbing any dead skin off your feet and apply a thick moisturizer to protect it. Most importantly, be persistent in your efforts for the best results


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