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Wall Paint Designs for Your Home

Don’t we all want our homes to look like the stately residences that adorn the glossy catalogues of real estate firms? No matter what kind of house you own (apartment, condo, villa, etc.), this crucial factor determines how great or drab it looks – the color scheme. Whether you stick to the basics and opt for solid colors or experiment with the latest, quirkiest designs, wall paint can either elevate your mood or let you down horribly. If you are moving to a new place or having your house remodeled, this quick listicle of the most stunning wall painting designs is for you. And even if you aren’t, it would be wise to bookmark this page for future reading. 😉

If neat geometric shapes get you excited, use durable adhesive tape and multiple colors to make a vibrant herringbone pattern on your wall.


Paint on the image of a tree in autumn with a few of its leaves falling away in the wind.


Floral patterns are always a winner with the ladies – opt for dreamy daffodils or captivating carnations.


Simply drag a whisk broom across the paint for a textured look – if you get it right, it will resemble the delicate threads of a loom.

Use two complementary colors, each on one half of your wall. At the spot they are to meet, let them blend into one another with no clear demarcation (i.e. no straight lines).

Look at images of old palatial art for inspiration – pick out an ethnic design to set on your walls.

This is a fun idea for the kids’ room – a cloud of swirling wall butterflies will get them chattering excitedly.


Abstract art is always in – get cracking with a few stencils and reference sketches on paper.

Pixel art is a mesmerizing option too – you can turn any picture or photograph you want into breathtaking wall paint creations.


If the ocean has a calming effect on you, why not paint on waves in a deep marine blue?


While you can always pick up the brushes, spackle, sand paper, canvas tarp, paint bucket and other supplies (you get it!) to do the job on your own, it is most convenient and hassle-free to enlist the help of an expert. Log on to Housejoy and request for home painting services professional now!

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