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Tips for Home Linen Care

Linen of the house, in general, might seem unimportant to a lot of us but that’s where everyone’s nest of comfort and ease is.

Time we explore some reasons to keep it healthy!? Scroll down for linen basics

1. Wash! Wash! Wash.


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One must change the bed sheets within 4-5 days and towels every day.
Take care to use lukewarm water rather than one at a boiling temperature which tends to damage the fibres. If there is a print on the pillow covers wash them inside out. You should tumble dry the sheets and towels so as to avoid any wrinkles on them.

2. It is very important for one to know the fibres that make up your bed sheets and towels.

Traditionally bed sheets are made of cotton, cotton- polyester blend or linen, silk, bamboo etc. Towels are also made generally made from cotton; sometimes bamboo or rayon. You can learn about the contents from the label which are generally also accompanied with washing instructions. The first step to taking good care is learning what the fibres are and how are they taken care of.

3. Wash the sheets and towels separately.

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Rather sheets must not also be washed with other clothing material. This will give enough time for the sheet to be soaked and cleaned. Also because of the fact that the sheets collect the maximum amount of dust, dirt, sweat, oils etc. Care has to be taken for washing the sheets.

4. Towels after being washed must definitely be put in the dryer. Keeping towels moist for longer duration attracts mildew and over drying takes a toll on individual fibres. Care has to be taken to put the towels in the sunlight to let them dry properly.

5. Take care to wash the linens in lukewarm water and not hot water which most of us generally do. Also, you could put the wash cycle on gentle. You could use the extra rinse cycle to get rid of the detergent residues if any.

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