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Sweets to relish this Diwali

A sudden chill in the air and a smell of festivity you cannot help but rejoice in. Yes! Diwali is round the corner and dozens of preparations are stacking their way to your place.

Decorations, cleaning, shopping, gifts and oops did I miss out something? Sweets anyone?How can we forget the sugar rush after every single piece of a different delicacy? Be it Laddoos, barfis, kaju katli or rasagullas. The unending craving and borderline ridiculous faces after we have stuffed ourselves is one of the fondest remembrances each Diwali.

So what is on top of everyone’s mind for the festive season. Let’s find out!

1) Shahi Tukda

shahi tukda

Image via Kamalas Corner
Even though this is a nawabi delicacy from Uttar Pradesh , it is perhaps loved everywhere in India. The crisp fried bread with the rasmalai and the dry fruits is succulent and has a lingering taste of sweet and oil with almost every bite.

2) Coconut till laddoo

coconut laddo

Image via I Love India
Laddoos are the quintessential sweet for any occasion. However, we all must have been fairly accustomed and almost borderline bored with the same mooti choor or besan laddos for now.
What we forget is the huge number of variations we can make in this delight. My personal favourite are the coconut laddoo which by the way are extremely easy to prepare even at homes!

3) Kaju Katli

Kaju Burfi 2

Our childhood would be incomplete without these and so is every Diwali. The soft mixed paste of the Kajus that melts in the mouth and slowly works it way to the brain is a delight you can’t resist.

We’ve always seen the guests being served Kaju katli and cannot deny having picked up a piece here and there whenever the parents’ eyes wandered 😛

4) Sandesh


Image via Mapsofindia

This sweet paneer(almost) dish has its way with every single bite. Needless to say that this Bengali sweet is now on almost every sweet platter in our homes. It’s so soft and juicy that you cannot have a Diwali without this one.

5) Ras Malai

ras malai

Image via Cook Diary

The best part about Ras malai is the fact that it has the fun of two sweets with itself. Rasgullas and the Malai. The dry fruits in the juice is apparently the only exercise the teeth have to do; rest all of it is sheer pleasure for the tongue.

6) Nankhatai


Image Via Foodfellas4you

To wonder whether this is actually a cookie or a sweet can be a fairly decent rumination with oneself but as long as you’ve enjoyed it, you wouldn’t actually care.
The ghee in the preparation makes the cookie cum sweet dissolve just after the first bite.

Ah! A Diwali isn’t called one without all of these! For other little joys for the house this diwali, do not forget to log onto Housejoy.in

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