Sofa Care 101: How to Care for Your Couch?

Is your sofa the lost-and-found spot of your home? Is it where you look for coins and small change? Is it the not-so-secret hiding place of your remote control? Or is the place where old toys and half-eaten chocolate bars go to rest? If so, then it’s bound to have stains, bacteria, grime and dust.

The sofa you so carefully picked out to go with the rest of your drawing room décor might be a proud investment but without proper upkeep, it will look crummy and out of place. If you thought that sofa cleaning was a lost cause, think again—we have done all the legwork for you and come up with a quick list of easy care tips that will help keep your sofa looking and feeling as good as new.

Fabric-specific care

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Whether your couch is a Chesterfield, Knole, club, or mid-century modern, it is important to determine the fabric of its upholstery (cotton blend, synthetic, etc.). Most sofas come with tags to help you do this; they also give you quick pointers as to how best to clean them (i.e. with water, solvent, vacuum, etc.). Removable upholstery components should be regularly cleaned while adhering to the manufacturer’s wash care instructions.

Prep for best results

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Before starting to clean, go over the couch with a washcloth, towel or a brush to dislodge any dried food or bits of dirt. Remember to be gentle, and refrain from using cloths which are colored to avoid dye transfer.

Baking soda to the rescue

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Sprinkling your couch with a generous amount of baking soda will further help freshen it up. You can even use a dry sofa cleansing powder to do the trick. Vacuum the powder off after you have let it sit long enough (usually 20 minutes to an hour).

Spot cleaning must-dos

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Instead of flipping the cushions over to cover some nasty stains, try to get them off. While spot cleaning your delicate cushions, make sure that you use mild, spirit-free cleansers; just dab with a soft washcloth. Do a small patch test on an inconspicuous spot before you take on the actual stain—this way, you will know for certain if the cleanser is indeed made for your sofa or if it can cause any damage.

Special care suggestions

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For velvet upholstery; regular, light brushing is required to keep the nap (pile of fabric/thread) in order. We recommend professional steaming for prolonged life and preserving the look. Leather may be resistant to wear and tear but regular dusting is the key to keep it looking smooth. Wax based leather cleaners are a great alternative too.

Professional care

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Though these tips might work, they are just quick fixes. To extend the life of your sofa and keep it looking great, get it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Have your own secret sofa-cleaning tips to share? Mention them in the comments section below.

sofa care

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