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Simple Functional Exercises That You Can Do At Home

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Why Functional Training?

A matter of common knowledge yet rarely acknowledged. Functional exercises not only keep you fit but enhance your muscle endurance, make them flexible and provide agility. These exercises first developed with their relevance in rehabilitation, they are of great use to the present day generation.

With the desk jobs that most of us have the use and importance magnifies. These simple modifications of everyday activities are a great way to keep oneself healthy and active. So unless you’re a fitness trainer or go up and down the flight of stairs numerous times daily; this might just be the Pandora’s box for you.

Simple Functional Exercises that you can do at home

1) Reaching with the medicine ball.

What you need: A medicine ball.

How to do it:

Hold the ball firmly in your hands and then stand straight with your legs widened. Reach for right diagonally and stretch your hands, midriff upward and also your legs (without removing them from the ground. Come to the stand still position and repeat the exercise towards the left-hand side.

Benefits: This exercise would find its functionality when you pick up objects from the top shelf. Whenever you try to reach for the jars in the kitchen or maybe bags kept in the top shelf of the cupboard etc
excerseballImage Via Popsugar

2) Squats

What you need: Absolutely nothing except the wall support in certain cases ( if you wish)

How to do it: Keeping your back straight; keep the chest high; place equal weights on both the legs and more importantly to have the foot placement correct.

Benefits: Squats are one of the easiest functional exercises that you could do on a regular basis. They have been proven to give you a toned lower body and also improve flexibility.

squatImage via Emily Jensen Nutrition 

3) Stair climbing with weight lift

What do you need: A flight of stairs and a basic 5-6 pound dumbbell (you could increase the weights eventually)

Variations: Curl your biceps with the weights while climbing the stairs to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Benefits: Fitness trainers never fail to emphasize the importance of climbing stairs every day. Try to inculcate this functional exercise in your daily routine. Climb at least 4-5 flight of stairs every day.

4) Triceps Dips.

What do you need: You could do this exercise with the help of a couch, chair etc!

How to do it: Position yourself in the opposite direction and with the support of your hands; try sitting and getting up and position your hips and elbows almost at 90 degrees with the support.

Benefits: Well-toned lower body portion and greater flexibility.

chairImage via SeanFlanaganFitness 

5) Jumping jacks.

How to do it: Nothing better than jumping up and down with a synchronized yet free hand movement. Do a minimum of 15- 20 sets in a day.

Benefits: This is also helpful in stimulating blood flow to various muscles in the body. Also an extremely important cardiovascular exercise.

jumping jacksImage via In Life Health Care

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