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Save Big on Your Laundry

Did you know that according to a recent study, the average homemaker spends over 5 months of his/her lifetime just doing laundry? I am sure that you can relate to this – take into consideration the staggering number of smaller tasks that one has to finish doing before and even after putting their clothes to wash and you will know what I mean. The list includes making sure pants pockets are free of coins, handkerchiefs, etc., sorting clothes according to fabric and color, ascertaining that all paired items are in the laundry load together, and so on. Sounds overwhelming and exhausting, to say the least, doesn’t it?

If you have always wondered if it is more economical to do all your laundry at home or to avail of professional laundry services, we have the answer to this crucial question! Read through our quick factsheet to know for yourself.

Machine maintenance

When was the last time you got your washing machine spinner cleaned? Did you know that the rubber door seal retains the most amount of dirt and must be sanitized frequently? Do you regularly screen the water hoses for blistering and cracking? If the answer to at least one of these questions is a baffled ‘no’, you will understand that there is a lot to keeping your washing machine in top working condition. You do not have to worry about such maintenance issues when it comes to professional laundry services.

All about consumption

The average machine wash cycle uses 110 to 120 liters of water! This translates to an average of 1.5 units of power, including that consumed during ironing of the dried clothes. Add to this the fact that a lot of us do not wait to have a full machine load before putting our clothes to wash, and you have a hefty sum being paid out towards water and electricity bills every month. With commercial laundry services, you spend less (indirectly) on both water and electricity.

The devil lies in the details

Do you know which washing machine cycle suits which fabric the best or what detergent to use on what stain? Sure, there are helpful tags with fabric care instructions on your clothes but it can be quite tedious to go through them all. Besides, one has no option but to avail of commercial washing services for clothes made from silk, velvet, wool, etc. as they require special dry cleaning.

It does not end with washing

Whether you machine-dry your clothes or are a proponent of air drying, there is no denying the fact that these include a lot of lugging around or hauling of the clothes, not to mention the time spent on it all. Ironing and folding/hanging them in your wardrobe only add more hours to the laborious process. With professional laundry services, all this is taken care of.

The verdict is out – try out are fuss-free, hygienic and convenient laundry services and we are sure you will be amazed! We’ve got clean and dry wash, dry clean, ironing and more.

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