Essential Home Repair Tools for Women!

Do you feel like a fish out of water in the neighborhood hardware store? If the very thought of peeling paint, slanted picture frames, and leaking pipes makes you lose sleep, the following list of easy-to-use home repair tools will help you out of your misery. Feel free to show off in front of your friends, family, and most importantly – your man, the next time one of those furniture connector bolts comes loose.


These are no-brainers – it would be wise to get a set which includes those of different sizes. They come in very handy to mount switch plates, put together furniture, tighten the screws on the pressure cooker or tawa, etc.

Repair tools


Hammers are not just practicable home repair tools, they also offer immense relief from the vagaries of everyday life. Imagine the nail you are hammering into the wall to be your boss’s head and you will know what I mean (just kidding…or am I). While one end of the metal part is used to drive the nail in, the other is used to pull it out.

Repair tools

Pliers/Vice Grips

These are used to lock down on and hold various objects in place, bend and manipulate metal (mainly wire), and loosen/tighten various fasteners. A few handymen even use them in place of wrenches.

Repair tools


These home repair instruments offer a formidable grip on objects, often better than pliers. Tightening nuts and bolts and mending plumbing fixtures will be a breeze with these. Choose an adjustable crescent wrench as it has a modifiable opening which can fit around any hexagonal nut.

Repair tools

Utility Knife

Most of us already have this useful device in our toolkit. Ones with retractable blades and rubber handles are the best. They can be used to open sealed boxes, sharpen pencils, cut through small objects, and more.

Repair tools

Tape Measure

These are not just to measure your vital stats, ladies – they come in mighty handy when you have to determine where to drill a hole or make saddle cuts on a pipe.

Repair tools

Power Drill

While a cordless one might need periodic battery replacements, the wired variety is less expensive. You may even forgo the electric drill if you are just starting out. From drilling holes for screws to mixing up your paint, it is a multi-purpose device.


This is especially useful when it comes to hanging up picture frames. An absolute essential when you’re setting up a new home and don’t want the perfect picture-frame collage you saw in my mind to end up looking like the aftermath of an earthquake.

Repair tools

Make sure to also have a flashlight, super glue, work gloves, duct tape, pencil/marker, rags (to clean up after you are done) in your tools arsenal.

If you’re to busy or think the work needs an experienced professional – the only tool you’ll need is your phone. Book any type of home repair service and pick up some tips from the handyman when he comes.

repair tools

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