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Where do Pets Hide Their Treasure?

Are you a proud pet owner who cannot wait to get home to your adorable pooch or tabby from work every day? We certainly agree that having a pet (or two) is super fun but hasn’t every pet owner been annoyed by their pet hiding things around the house?

Go through the following listicle to understand the why’s and where’s of your favorite four-legged creature’s shenanigans.

  1. Pet animals hide food treats the most – their natural urge to ensure that they have enough food for the future makes them do this (it has nothing to do with how well you feed and take care of them).
  2. They might also do so to save their precious belongings from predators (read: other dogs and cats) or if they are simply bored and want to play games.
  3. Pets can hide their valuables under shrubs or low trees in your yard or garden – the thicker the undergrowth, the better.
  4. Potted plants are another favorite hiding place – in fact, no gardening equipment (large sprinklers, fertilizer bags, etc.) is off limits!
  5. Closet corners, and the place underneath and behind beds and sofas are a big draw.
  6. Home appliances are probably the most inconvenient and unfortunate pet treasure hiding spots as far as pet owners are concerned.
  7. Bathroom tubs and sinks lure them in like no other.
  8. Suitcases, backpacks and other luggage are top spots too.
  9. Floor-length curtains are no exception – after all, who would think of looking there!
  10. Cardboard and shoe boxes too are preferred stow-away spots as well.


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