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Pest Control Methods

The bigger your house, the more effort that inevitably goes into keeping it free of pests. While you may do your best to make your living space a no-fly and no-crawl zone, you may find that some pests always make a comeback no matter how hard you try to keep them away. Hence, it pays to get professional help – after all, they are called the experts for a reason. If you have always wondered about and even been apprehensive of the various chemicals used by professionals in eradicating pests, we are glad to be of help in busting such myths. All that you need to know about various pest control techniques is right here.

What is pest control?

Pest control is not just to do with the temporary extermination of pests – it is a set of measures that are put in place to ensure both the short term and long term management of pests. Although most of them include the use of various insecticides, many modern techniques rely on more herbal products. Pest control also involves the eradication of breeding grounds and conditions to avert future home invasions. Regular inspection/maintenance runs are a must to keep pests away for an extended period of time. From replacing any insecticidal strips that have worn away to taking down any nests/ colonies that are just being built, any pest issues must be sorted out before they start up again.

Ant/termite control

Leaving food out can be the no. 1 reason for an ant infestation, but once ants start building a colony, it is very difficult to get rid of them. Professionals usually sweep the entire house for possible hiding places (cracks in the flooring or the space between walls is amongst their favourite spots). Identifying the specific species is of paramount importance too as that helps the professional determine what insecticide to use. Granules, liquids or even dry powders containing pyrethroids can then be used. Baits that are laced with insecticides can also be used to destroy entire ant colonies.

Bed bug control

After ascertaining the hiding place of bed bugs (bed frames, under mattresses, sometimes even the tub in the bathroom), exterminators use the Integrated Pest Management method (IPM) to eradicate them. This includes steaming, freezing, vacuuming, using mattress encasements to suffocate the insects, and insecticides (mainly containing pyrethrins) in the form of liquids or dry powders.

Fly/mosquito control

It is easy to get rid of flies and keep them away (good hygiene, fly screens for doors and windows, etc.). Sticky fly traps, UV fly traps, fly baits that have been treated with larvicides and insect growth regulators, impregnated strips, etc. are the norm. The trick is to carry out the treatment every month or two as such insecticides break down with or lose their potency after a period of exposure to the atmosphere/rain.

Cockroach control

Roaches are the peskiest pests that seem to magically reappear no matter what you do to keep them away. The most important step in cockroach control is to get rid of all eggs and seal off all hiding places. Gel baits applied to the underside of wooden boards and cracks, poisoned food as bait, boric acid powder (this does not work unless done right, hence is best left to a professional) are used. Closing vulnerable spots or areas where the roaches can break an entry into your house is necessary.

Rat control

Rats can be kept out by sealing openings with copper mesh. UV black light or non-toxic tracking powder helps keep tabs on the rodents and seek out their breeding grounds. Safe rat baits and rat traps, glue pads, metal phosphide anti-coagulants (chemicals that block the vitamin K cycle, resulting in the inability to produce blood clotting chemicals) are used.

While there are things you can do to keep pests away, we recommend that you get professional help every so often. Our service professionals are trained in safe pest control procedures and use only non-toxic chemicals and riskless equipment – book a pest control service with us for a clean, pest-free home in a matter of a few hours!

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    These different types of pests can cause us damage in many ways. They need to be treated with different pest control methods. so we need to opt a professional pest control services.

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