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Laundry Hacks You Can’t Do Without!

We often toss our garments in a machine without paying much attention to their washing guidelines. Result – faded T-shirt, shrunken top, and let’s not even go to tie-dyed nightmare. And when you think you have had it enough, yet another drilling task awaits you with open arms- Ironing!

Phew! The good news is you don’t have to go through all of this because you have a genie called housejoy. And now you have an excuse to get your clothes laundered more – Book two laundry services (Min Rs.299 each), Get the third laundry service for free!

But the times when you have to do laundry yourself, just remember the following tricks of the trade-

1) The Inside-Out Rule

Before washing and drying, make sure your clothes are turned inside-out. This will not only save them from fading, but also from any kind of wear and tear.

Laundry Hacks- Inside-out rule
2)  The Magic Formula For Stains

Don’t get annoyed at yourself for spilling coffee on your shirt. Apply a mix of lemon and baking powder on the area and Woosh! No trace of it.

Laundry Hacks- Stains

3) Say No To Fading

Don’t we hate seeing our favourite black clothes fading over time? Add some brewed coffee/tea to the washer and make them all new.

Laundry Hacks- Fading
4) Right Temperature Matters

Not every fabric is ironed at the same temperature. Silk/ synthetic requires low to medium heat, wool- medium to high, and cotton and linens- high temperature.

Laundry Hacks- Temperature
5) The Handkerchief Trick

While ironing sensitive fabrics, use a handkerchief as a barrier to avoid them from being singed.

Laundry Hacks- Handkerchief

6) Ditch Ironing, Use Vinegar

Too lazy to iron? Well then, mist your garment with one part vinegar to 3 parts water and let it air dry. You will find Wrinkles gone.

Laundry Hacks- Vinegar

Whether you have housejoy to do your laundry or you manage to do it yourself, we hope that these tricks will keep you away from any kind of laundry nightmare. If you have anything else that can add up to the list, feel free to share in the comments.

Happy laundry days ahead 🙂

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