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How to get your home ready for Diwali

The month for the brightest festival has arrived. In all the festivities we celebrate; Diwali has a way of lighting up everyone’s heart with fun, laughter, sparkles and mirth. However, if you note the irony, it is just before Diwali that everything sort of demands being put into its proper place and therefore the work doubles. It’s like your entire home is seeking attention. Even while you are busy jotting down your shopping list; there is the constant nagging of cleaning the house that keeps rambling in your head and just wouldn’t shut.

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Honestly, if you calculate, the entire year’s chores fall halfway short of the Diwali preparations. Is there an escape? Well not entirely, but we can surely let you in on certain cheat codes that’ll come in handy and make the work worthwhile.

  • De- Clutter: The best way to even organising is to let go off old stuff that you haven’t been using for a long. Psychologists believe that we tend to hoard things that we haven’t and perhaps will not use in the near or even distant future.
    There is a single solution to this. Identify. Once you know of the things that you will not use; it is easier convincing yourself to discard them. Old clothes, magazines, bottles, stationery, shoes. We mean Everything( with a capital E) that is unwanted has to make an exit.
    This subconsciously creates a mental peace that you will yourself start noticing.

declutterImage Via Sulekha Homeneeds

  • Change tiny furniture and decorations: Curtains, flower vases, furniture positions.
    These small changes revamp your place and they’d go a long way in giving you a newness for the body and mind to appreciate.
    Believe it or no, you’d end up giving the entire place a completely different look.
  • Shop a little: Shopping is therapeutic. Any denials? We’d never be on the same page ever. The shopping break is a norm and must not be defied 😛
    Go around stores collecting beautiful diyas, candles, torans to make your home look beautiful beyond measure. The market these days is flooded with these beautiful decorative items. Buy on!
  • Draw and Paint: The creative spur is the break from the exhaustive cleaning. Paint a few Diyas, vases and Rangolis. Paints and Creativity relax you deeply and charge you with a renewed vigour. Go Colour!

rangoliImage via Indipepper

  • While you’re still worried on what would get the cleanest and sparkly house; here is a tip use vinegar which can be the magic potion for cleaning up your windows, floor and wood.
    Use ½ cup distilled vinegar with ¼ cup baking soda and 1 gallon of warm water to clean your woodwork and blinds. Use the mixture with a sponge and then wash with a clean cloth.
  • Time to get the faulty lines fixed: Get professional help. Call the Housejoy electrician or plumber to fit what seems out of sync with our beautiful abode.
    This will not only save time during the later days but will also free you off the constant leakages and electrical mis-fittings. What better time than Diwali for all of the fixing.


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