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Get the Latest Kitchen Appliances for Fuss-Free Cooking

The newest season of ‘Masterchef Australia’ has inspired many of us to don our chef’s hats and impress near and dear ones with our culinary skills. But as seen on the show, the secret to great cooking is an arsenal of cutting-edge, super functional kitchen appliances that make for quick and easy broiling, baking, grilling, etc. In our quest to save precious cooking time every day, we end up overexerting ourselves by prepping vegetables and fruits beforehand, cooking at a higher temperature than optimal (burnt dishes are every home-maker’s nightmare), using one or more ingredients in place of others (resulting in not-so-great tasting dishes or compromised taste), and more. If you thought that great cooking is synonymous with long, arduous hours spent in the kitchen, this listicle of the latest, most practical kitchen appliances will have you breathe a sigh of relief.

  1. Heated butter knives solve the age-old problem of cold, clumpy butter on toast. This miraculous device transfers your body heat onto the butter, effectively melting it and rendering it toast-ready!
  2. Who has the time to peel pineapples for a fruit salad, an upside-down cake or a custard? Get a pineapple peeler that will help you keep it free of mess.
  3. The same applies to a big desi favorite, corn. A one-step corn kerneler is exactly what it sounds like – you run the instrument over the corn to get all the grains out in one easy swipe.
  4. Floating cups, with their inbuilt coasters, are a godsend to anyone who hates teacup marks on their table tops.
  5. Multifunctional electric kettles can do a variety of things, including boiling eggs, making noodles and, of course, brewing tea.
  6. Read your favorite recipes on your iPad while listening to some soothing jazz music. Use an iPad fridge mount to keep yourself in high spirits while in the kitchen.
  7. Air fryers use state-of-the-art heating technology to brown chips, nachos, samosas, etc. with 80% less fat. Weight watchers, this is your golden ticket to those washboard abs!
  8. Juicers which need no pre-cutting and are dishwasher-safe are a must-have. Carrots, tomatoes, bitter gourd – you name it and your juice is ready. This is exactly what the busy career woman needs!
  9. A digital nutritional scale can give you a nutritional breakdown and calorie count of all your foods immediately – your fitness endeavors will show results sooner this way.
  10. iTouchless bag re-sealer can help you make all your chips bags airtight again after opening them.

Having all your kitchen appliances serviced from time to time is as important as buying the right one – get a Housejoy expert to take a look today.


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