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Why fuss about home cleaning?

Are you a working woman, continuously juggling household chores and office work?? Or are you a bachelor living with your buddies  and going berserk every time your folks come visiting?? You could also be a brand new mommy, barely getting any sleep, with your baby taking up all your time!! In the midst of all your chaotic fast paced lifestyle, do your eyes occasionally fall on that grease stain on the kitchen counter, or those tough water stains in the bathroom or those dust bunnies on the ceiling fans?

Our first response to it is usually “Oh! Where and when do i find the time to clean all that up?”

Weekend after weekend passes by and time is not a luxury you have.  And let’s suppose you do have a few hours to spare, on a certain rare weekend or weekday, wouldn’t you rather spend it reading a book or getting yourself a relaxing massage, or watching those pending episodes of your favourite TV Show??

If you have an affirmative answer to all the above, then what you should be doing is getting the housejoy app on your phone right now! Why you ask?

Housejoy is your one stop solution to all your household woes. We have home cleaning services that can be designed specific to the cleaning requirements of your home, apart from the luxury of calling for our services as per your time and convenience.

Here are a few reasons to stop worrying about Home Cleaning right now.

  • Our most popular service, the Full Deep Cleaning Package, takes care of everything you have been worrying about! From mechanised scrubbing of the floors, vacuuming upholstery to cleaning of lofts, fans and fixtures, we do it all.
  • Perhaps it’s not your entire home that needs cleaning? It’s just the bathroom, or your kitchen, or perhaps just the bedrooms? No problem! You pick the room and the service and we turn up at your doorstep with our team of experts and do a 100% satisfaction guaranteed job.
  • We only use top of the line equipment, and Eco-friendly chemicals to get the job done. Our team of qualified home cleaning professionals will leave no room for doubt!
  • You have the option of choosing day and time slots according to your convenience.
  • If it’s just your sofa or carpet that needs some TLC (tender loving care) we will take care of that too.
  • How about giving that floor a spic and shine? Whatever the material, mosaic, granite or marble, we will leave a glow behind!
  • We carry everything that is required for the job, vacuum cleaners, mops, dusters, garbage bags, buckets and ladders! You don’t need to do a thing, apart from sit back and relax!
  • You can also just schedule an inspection first, before you decide to book.
  • Our team of professionals is trained to finish the work on time without wasting your time!
  • You can pick a payment mode that suits you best. Pay only after you are a 100% satisfied with the job!
  • If you still need more reasons to pick us, here’s one last convincing one. All our work is insured! We provide insurance coverage across our services.

We treat your home as ours, so why fuss about home cleaning anymore?

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  1. I could not agree any more. Often domestic, and not to mention office cleaning, can be extremely time and resources consuming. It’s one thing to dust your home and another to fully clean all dirt, stains, dust and etc. out of your property. As a cleaner myself, I fully support, because cleaning is far from easy. Some people think it’s fun and amusing, but us professional cleaners have to overrun the clock and still deliver exceptional cleaning services!

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