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Five reasons why every girl hates the Salon!

You’ve just walked out of the salon, curls twisting and tumbling down your back, or slicked back like a smooth waterfall. It has been styled, coaxed and teased into perfection. And all it takes is 15 minutes – 15 minutes of public transport, a burst of monsoon rain or the daily dust and dirt outside to take your triumphant look and turn it, into a tragedy. And all of this after squeezing out time to make an appointment, booking it and then rushing to make that appointment. Why do we do this to ourselves??

  1. WHERE IS IT?? – Logically, given our hectic lives, we need a salon that addresses all of our beauty needs but also is close to home or work. Who wants to travel for hours in deadly traffic and risk the chance that we missed our precious appointment with we trust with our hair (and sometimes our lives)?
  1. ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT ME? Once you stumble into the salon with your hair (and soul) crying for a bit of attention, it is a bit of a dampener when you see a cluster of hairdressers standing around you ready to critique every strand of hair on your head. Thanks, but my mom takes care of that.are they talking about me
  1. NO I DON’T NEED MORE PRODUCTS. Every woman’s bathroom cabinet plays home to a host of products carefully curated over years of trial and error. So the idea that we need YOUR product to look beautiful is just annoying.giphyVia Giphy
  1. WAXING WOES. Let’s face it, we’re all a little uncomfortable about our bodies. Stripping down for a full body wax in front of a stranger in a cold little booth, listening to other women grunt in pain is not our idea of an ideal situation.waxing woesvia quickmeme
  • Q & A. You’ll never find a salon that’s quiet. From the other patrons to the beauticians to the billing counter, there are a thousand questions to answer. And if you do keep quiet then your only alternative is a battered copy of Filmfare or those professional hair styling magazines. Fascinating right?

    one question
    via tallswag

    At the end of day, why step out when send can send experienced beauticians to pamper you in the comfort of your home!

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