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Easy Workout at Home with Water Bottles

They say the most powerful resources lie right in front of our eyes before we notice and make use of them. Think of the most common things and their significant uses that you do not take notice of.  There are plenty.

What about the water bottles that we carry to our gym, yoga or dancing classes. Is there some use we can put them to too? Well, of course, yes. Here! Check out some brilliant home exercises that you could do with your water bottle.

1. Water bottle Squats.

We all do squats with support from the wall, chair or even otherwise. It is of great value if you hold some weight in your stretched hands. Fill up a water bottle and hold it right at 90 degrees from your chest with both the hands while you squat. This would exercise your arm muscles too. You could also hold the bottle at the centre, down between your legs if you want to do it for a prolonged time

2. Water Bottle chest exercise

Lie down flat on the floor on a mat. Keep the knees bent and the foot has to be flat on the floor. Keep the elbows straight in the air with filled water bottles of the weights you can easily lift. Lower the hands bending the elbows to the side and raise. Make sure to do this with Inhale (Lower elbows) and Exhale (With raised elbows).

3. Water Bottle lunges

waterbottle lunge

Image Via y-oman

Put in simple words this is almost a walking exercise. You could keep the water bottle at the sides parallel to the thighs. Take steps alternatively, left and right. Strive to maintain 90 degree angles with the legs and the floor. Maintain a proper posture with hips under shoulders and inhale and exhale alternatively.

4. Water Bottle Dead Lift

Keep the feet width apart. Keep the knees a little soft and with two filled water bottles in your hand in parallel length with the thighs. Keep the Abs and Chest tight. Bend forward from the knee pushing the butts to the rear. Lower the water bottles to the shin level or to whichever you could stretch.

All these exercises would be more fun and relaxing if you have the luxury of the personal trainer at your homes. What better than Housejoy Fitness. With a simple click, you’d get the trainer to your places! Let’s get fit and let’s get started!

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