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Deep Cleaning of the House: Essentials

“Home is where the heart is”, said some quite rightly. It is the place where one looks for solace and peace after a day’s work. It is a space that should be clean and exude only happy vibes. Therefore, it is essential to follow a deep cleaning regime of the place that you reside in. Here are a few tips that might come in handy while deep cleaning your home:

1) Living Room: It is that area of the house that attracts maximum attention. It is here that you receive your guests. This place, therefore, should be cleaned with as much attention as possible. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

  • Try and keep rugs and mats at entrances to keep germs at bay.
  • Couch, carpet and curtain require deep cleaning the most. Make sure to remove all the stains either by using alcohol or a concoction of vinegar and baking soda.
  • Make sure to wipe all the stains from the centre table and vacuum clean the entire place on a regular basis.

Keep all the glasses and tea cups on coasters to avoid rings to be formed on wooden furniture.
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2) Bedroom: Certainly the heart of any home is the bedroom. The mattress of your bed needs to be cleaned and deodorized by baking soda to keep all the germs at bay. The same goes for the pillow covers as well that are an abode of dead skin cell.
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3) Kitchen: The area that needs maximum cleansing and hygiene.

The kitchen sink should be cleaned with lemon, ice cubes and baking soda to get rid of rigid stains and odour. The same applies for your baking oven. Ammonia acts as a great cleanser for the stove. All the appliances like coffee maker; microwave etc should be cleaned occasionally. Make sure to wipe off the slabs after usage to avoid proliferation of cockroaches and dirt.
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4) Bathroom: An unkempt bathroom can be a source of germs and innumerable infections. Shower should be cleaned with white vinegar and the grout should be scrubbed thoroughly to prevent bacteria growth. The tiles, walls and ceilings should be washed with an all purpose cleaner and washed with hot water. Thereafter, the floor and tiles should be mopped dry with a soft towel. The toilet seat should be cleaned almost daily with the help of a cleaner. Alternately, sprinkle the toilet seat with baking soda and clean with a brush.



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