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5 essential makeup tips for the perfect look

So you noticed the girl at the party who had the perfect blend of layering on her face and the most beautiful way of accentuating her eyes! You wonder “What did I miss?” or
“Where did I do wrong?”

We as hoarders have a makeup kit overflowing with products and little knowledge of what to do! While it is very important to know how to look good in what you wear; it’s equally important not to let go off the make- up basics.

1. Less is more!

beautyjoy.in right foundationImage via iDiva

When it comes to a foundation, one has to be really cautious of what we’re getting into. If you haven’t mastered the art of finding the perfect foundation, seek help from professionals.

A cheat code into this is that you can spread the foundation on your jawline and whichever one doesn’t seem conspicuous, make it your best friend.

2. Use a concealer


Image via Cosmopolitan

While I agree that we were born perfect, believe me; we need a concealer!

The dark under eye looks preposterous and even though this is a temporary way to fix it, this needs to be mastered. Use a cream which is not very greasy and gently tap the concealer at the spots. Allow it to be absorbed and then with the help of your ring finger, blend it with the skin.

Make sure you do not rub it so much so as to wear off the product.

3. Keep your nails done.


Source: All for Fashion Design

They might be tiny, but they are huge on the list. Be it a gel, a nail paint or a sticker.
Every lady has to make sure that her nails look complete and done. There is an immense amount of confidence that sprouts up if your hands speak as beautifully as your eyes. Never miss out here.

4. Mascara spell.

Masacara- Beautyjoy.in

Image via Womens Health Mag

Eyes do most of the talking remember? So make sure to work up the eyes very well and give them length and volume both.

A smudged or badly used mascara is a nightmare and therefore care, precision and practice must go into making your eyes look beautiful.

5. A natural blush

Image Source: She Knows

Look into natural shades so that it looks like you’re not wearing any. This is one of the most basic territories of knowledge which a lot of women trespass.

Lazy to step out to beauty parlor? Beautyjoy.in send can send experienced beauticians to pamper you in the comfort of your home!

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