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5 basic lifestyle changes to Lose Weight

Weight loss? Crash diets? No carbs? Familiar words – huh?!! This is a major concern in our busy lives – what to eat, what not to eat? How to lose weight? Here are 5 basic changes that can help you lose weight in a healthier style:

1) Breakfast is a must

One healthy tip up for takes – “I need to have a healthy breakfast”. Shouldn’t I be cutting down on food to lose weight? The answer to this is that your body being a machine is entitled with the task of digesting food and is in the most energetic state when you wake up (remember, you have the most energy when you wake up fresh) – hence, having a good breakfast becomes a must to ensure your body works at the right time when it’s in the most energetic state.

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2) Short meals at regular intervals

This is the show stopper – the need is to have short meals but at regular intervals (like 2 – 3 hours). Also, the size of the meals should decrease as we move from breakfast to dinner. Again, body is a digestion machine and loves to split it’s work – if you are given loads of work just before leaving office, imagine your reaction (and compare it to heavy dinner at late nights).

3) Exercise is non-negotiable

Everyone has told you – exercise to lose weight. Exercise can be of any form – working out in the gym, yoga, aerobics or just a brisk walk and home exercises. It is important to mix these up in a week as per choice – since we need a change in our weight, we need to keep surprising our body and challenging it with different exercises.

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4) Sleep satisfaction

Unless you are sleep-fit, you can’t really do much – that holds good for your daily functioning and also, for weight loss. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is a must for healthy functioning.
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5) Nutrients are important

All nutrients are important – yes, Fats and Carbs are very important too. Our meals across the day should cater to different nutrients so that we have all the essential nutrients in the body for its proper functioning – hence, mix up your fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. along the day. Water, as well, is essential.
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So here is your quick and easy progress towards a healthier weight loss focusing on better lifestyle than a short term goal. In case you’d need the comfort of a trainer at your homes, do not forget to get a free trial session from Housejoy!

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