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4 Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas you MUST Try this Christmas!

Christmas is just a week away! And although you’re all geared up to make it bigger this time, you hate it when your pocket doesn’t really allow you to go overboard.

Well, blame the two digit date (when you so wish it was on the 1st of the month) or your poor financial planning, but the Christmas fever is soon going to hit you with merriness and joy all around. And, being unprepared is always a no-no.

To make things easier for you, here’s a budget-friendly plan!

  1. How about a personalized Christmas tree? Put up your family’s old pictures on your tree so it stands out while you spend almost no extra money!

Budget-friendly personalized Christmas tree


  1. It’s always important to keep it simple and understated. While too many tinsels and baubles might just end up making your tree look gaudy, they’ll also dig deep into your pocket. What if you could play it safe and also let the creative juices flow by using flowers plucked right from your backyard? How awesome is that!

Budget-friendly flower decor


  1. And if you’re one of those who can’t get their mind off food, you could try making edible decors! Bake your own ginger-breads and pretty up your tree with them. And when you’re hungry, you’ll know exactly where to go!

Budget-friendly gingerbread decor


  1. And, if you have time for none of the above and still running on a low budget, Housejoy‘s right at your service! Get a Christmas tree installation service done at just Rs. 549! We brighten your house up with a beautiful 4 feet Christmas tree, lights and decors. Also, you get vouchers and gifts from Paperboat and 3M for FREE.

Housejoy budget-friendly Christmas tree installation


Since we’ve sorted your Xmas decor troubles already, it’s time you stop feeling like a “Scrooge” and let the Christmas vibes flow.

Merry Christmas! 🙂


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