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10 Hacks to Keep Pests Away This Monsoon

Monsoons, as is well known, can bring on a deluge of problems for the average home owner, the most bothersome of which is an onslaught of pests. The unceasing precipitation forces the pesky critters out of their nesting grounds and into your lovely home. If such infestations aren’t detected early on, they can quickly get out of hand. But don’t sweat it – these easy hacks will help you keep your home pest-free all through the rainy season.

  1. Choked drains, and water that collects in garden pots, decorative cauldrons/receptacles and other places are a breeding ground for mosquitoes – clean up and dry out such spots.
  1. Dispose of wet, organic waste responsibly – it may attract houseflies that will then proceed to quickly multiply in number. Use lidded trash cans and take out the garbage every single day.
  1. Inspect the roof and foundation for cracks and debris – leaf piles, wooden debris, fruit residue, etc. that are stuck in places inside them can lure hungry pests in.
  1. Trim the branches of garden plants/trees so they do not act as a shelter for pests from the rain.
  1. Seal openings in window/door frames, pipes and vents, and install sturdy mosquito nets over doors and windows.
  1. Pests thrive in a high-moisture environment so keep your home dry, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Look for and eliminate wet spots that are growing mold. Use camphor in closed areas like wardrobes and cupboards to keep them dry and pest-free.
  1. Keep your mattresses and cushions clean and dry – brushing and drying them out every so often helps a great deal.
  1. Do not leave food items open – they attract rodents, roaches, etc. Airtight containers are your safest and most practical bet.
  1. Do not leave clothes with food stains unwashed for long – use a high temperature setting in the dryer to clean them effectively.
  1. Grow plants like neem, tulsi, lemon grass, marigold, etc. helps repel insects. Pets like goi and guppies i.e. fish that eat mosquito larvae work

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It is advisable to have a professional periodically inspect/treat your home – book a session with a Housejoy pest control expert right away! You can opt for bed bug control, mosquito control, cockroach control, termite treatment and many more pest control services.

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