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Guess who deserves a big shout-out this Valentine’s Day!

Dear Mom,
Surprised that I’m writing a love letter to you instead of writing it to my date? And that too today, on Valentine’s Day!
Mom, over the last 23 years, you’ve been on your toes taking care of my needs. From preparing my lunch box to helping me fill up college forms, you have been there for everything. Remember those dinner parties that you missed so I could cuddle up in your arms and sleep in peace? Or the times you skipped family functions so I wouldn’t have to miss my school? Your unconditional love has always made me feel very special. Now it’s my time to reciprocate that feeling.

So here, I’m asking you – Mom, Will you be my valentine?

Now that you have decided to spend this beautiful day with the woman who has always been there for you and with you, have you given any thought to how you’re going to make it special for her? Of course, flowers and chocolates won’t work in this case.

Well, not to worry. We have accumulated a list of things you can do to make her feel like a queen!

1) So What’s Cooking?

For once, let your mom be the one asking this question. How about making her favourite dish for breakfast? That shouldn’t be tough, right?

Valentine's Day- What's cooking?

2) Book Her A Salon Appointment

It’s no secret that every woman loves a little bit of pampering. Can there be anything better than getting a blissful massage right in the comfort of home? We don’t think so!

Valentine's Day- Salon appointment

3) Just Like The Good Old Days!

When was the last time you watched a movie together or laughed your hearts out flipping through old pictures? There wouldn’t be anything more special for her than spending some quality time with you.

Valentine's Day- Like good old days

4) Free Her from Household Chores

Your mom always complains that you never help her in cleaning the house! Well, it’s time to show her that you care. We are not asking to get your hands dirty; simply book a cleaning service with an online provider like Housejoy and let them take over.

Valentine's Day- Free from household chores

5) Dinner at Her Favourite Place

She has always placed your wishes over hers. Why don’t you change this equation by taking your valentine to her favourite place for the dinner?

Valentine's Day- Dinner at favourite place


We wish you all success with your plans and hope this thoughtful Valentine’s day is only the start to many more such special days for her.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Valentine's Day - Pamper Your Mom

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