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5 Fast & Easy Weight Loss Hacks for The New Year!

While a brand new year is knocking at your door, you’re still hungover on your unfulfilled resolutions of 2016; fitness being the first and the most important of them all!

But hey, it’s time you buckle up because we’re here with 5 simple yet effective weight loss hacks that’ll help you shed a few kilos this New Year.

Cut Down On Carbs

No, we aren’t asking you to take an about-turn every time you see a loaf of bread. While carbohydrates are essential for your body, you should eat them in the right amount.

Weight loss hacks- No carb

Drink A Lot Of Water

Water is a bigger weight loss aid that anything else! When you feel you’ve eaten enough but still get hungry in a while, try consuming a lot of water. Works wonders!

Weight loss hacks- Drink water

Let Stairs Be Your Savior

Ditch the lift! Climbing up those stairs every now and then will help you burn more calories than you think.

Weight loss hacks- Take stairs

Opt for Smaller Dishes

Yes, it’s time you buy smaller plates and glasses! Initially, it might sound weird but the hack works brilliantly. Eating the same amount of food in a smaller plate will make it look more abundant and fill you up faster.

Weight loss hacks- Smaller dishes

Get Fit At Home

We know the entire process of hitting the gym everyday sounds too tiring. How about a fitness class right at your doorstep? With Housejoy, you can choose your workout and get a professional fitness expert!

Weight loss hacks- Fitness at home

So, that’s all for now to cut back and slim down! Let’s all hope to rock the coming year with even more fantastic fitness goals. Till then, keep an eye on this space.



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