Toolbox Essentials: Tools and Equipment Must-Haves at Home!

The stethoscope, BP machine and thermometer are tools used on you to check your health, but what about your house?

Though serious concerns might need a plumber, carpenter or an electrician, for the smaller creaks and leaks, these are the tools that will come in handy:

Screwdriver Set:

Extremely important for prying off lids on cans and certain times helping kids with replacing the batteries on their toys, a good screwdriver set is an absolute essential in your tool kit.

tools and equipments


If you’re a little equipped and know the procedure to perfectly aim and hold a drill, this is anyone’s ultimate tool. Drilling a hole for your creative and not so creative purposes, the drill is the saviour. Unless you’re good and safe with the traditional claw hammer.


Where there are nuts and bolts, there should be wrenches. An adjustable wrench lets you tighten or loosen any bolt of any size.

Utility Knife:

It is considered the toolbox’s workhorse. The range of functions that it finds is huge. Starting from opening boxes to tiny sharpening.


A hacksaw is majorly used to cut through wood, metal and plastic. It is suggested to look out for the one that has easily-replaceable blades.


Working with tiny nuts and bolts is no ordinary task and relying on guesswork might not be the best way to go. A flashlight is an essential component of the toolbox. If you’re planning to fashion that a bit you could get your LED light or a headlight.

tools and equipments


A measuring tape is quite the task master. Apart from occupying a very strategic position in your toolbox, it is also a facilitator of major decisions like whether that furniture would settle in a particular room or where to hang that picture frame.


Sometimes your fingers just aren’t enough to grasp, pull or turn an object. A pair of pliers help you loosen nuts, pull out nails, remove plumbing fixtures and pinch together wires.

tools and equipments

Claw Hammer:

Like we emphasized, if you’re the one to believe in traditional equipment or are too doubtful of having the drill, the claw hammer would do the work for you. The head also has a side to pry out nails. The hammer also comes in handy when something (not someone!) needs a good whack – like breaking open a box or banging some wood into place.

Nails, nuts and bolts:

Well, this makes sense just perfectly. You can save a number of trips to the local hardware store if you have nails, nuts and bolts of different sizes and types.

tools and equipments

Are there any particular tools that you can’t do without? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

tools and equipment

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