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To (Super)Mom, With Love

What isn’t a mother good at doing! She keeps the house neat and clean, makes delicious food (‘ma ke haath ka khaana’ is the real deal), looks after all the members of the family, and even manages to have a great career! As children, haven’t we all looked up to our mothers and wondered just how they manage to do it all? If you thought that being a mother was hard work, a single mother has it even rougher. In fact, we feel that they must surely be endowed with superpowers to be able to do what they do (so well)!

It is almost Mother’s Day and we at Housejoy are paying tribute to every one of these beautiful yet tough-as-nails women in our very own way. We touched base with a few single mothers who are a part of various social groups like Single Moms of Bangalore and asked them how they juggle career, home and kids. As Ashwini Jaisim, a single mother of two aged 9 and 7 puts it, ‘Housejoy was the greatest find for me… I can get professional help, be it for cleaning or laundry or even beauty service at home at the touch of a button.


Saran Chatterjee, CEO, Housejoy, when asked about Mother’s Day, had this to say. ‘Our aim is to make home services quick and easy and in turn, to make life simpler and hassle-free for all. Housejoy pays tribute to the resilience of every single mother. They are the true inspiration to Housejoy as they are the greatest multitaskers. They have this great ability to balance their chores, careers and children perfectly. Housejoy looks up to these single mothers and strives to lend an arm by maintaining their house in the most convenient way.’

We salute the single mother for being a source of inspiration and strength, a friend, a confidante and a guide to her children. If you are a single mother, we ask that you spend some quality time with your little ones this Mother’s Day by letting us take care of your household chores! The experience we provide through Housejoy whether it’s beauty services or any home repair service from plumbing to carpentry chores is unmatched to anyone else. And do not forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter feed for more sweet quotes by your contemporaries.


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