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Housejoy Laundry- The real story

The 1.5-year journey of Housejoy has been a roller coaster ride like any other start-up; what differentiates our experience from the rest is the fact that we embarked on a path to create a business that does not have a successful international example. We have been the pioneers of the home services market in India and have been constantly striving to bring the experience and convenience of getting trusted and reliable experts at the customers’ home.

The Laundry Journey:

Our online laundry service in our opinion is one prime example of how incisively we understood the problem and faced it intrepidly with a strategic and a thoughtful plan. The laundry category is a critical business for Housejoy because of its frequency and its engagement.

We would like to clarify on a few things on the current status and the way forward on our Laundry business:

  1. Housejoy Laundry service is available in most of the high density pin codes in Bangalore and Delhi.
  2. Our Laundry business is close to break even in these major hubs and will only grow from there.
  3. We have been experimenting with various operational models to scale, with the intent to break even in these areas through efficient route optimization and reducing cost.
  4. With learnings from the above experiments, we are going to scale Laundry, starting in Bangalore in the next 2 to 3 weeks followed by expansion in other cities.

The MyWash acquisition was an important strategic move for us considering the importance of Laundry services in our portfolio. The acquisition allowed us to increase our reach and build a model which can show aggressive growth. The acquisition combined with our learnings from the experiments in hyper-local demand generation has led us to believe that the category can stand on its own and can contribute significantly in creating a repeat business for Housejoy.

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