Kaamwali Bais during the Festive Season: Which One is Yours?

Is your Bai the kind who abandons you when you need her the most? Or the kind who steps up her game, tucks in that saree and gets moving?

maid during festive season

These are the common reactions of Bais during the festive season.

The ‘Bye Bye Bye’ Bai

When the going gets tough – the Bai gets going. This Bai always seems to disappear around this time of the year.

The ‘Aiyo too much work’ Bai

The Bai who is alarmed by the amount of work to be done.

The ‘Happy to Help’ Bai

The Bai who does it all and does it happily.

The Magical Bai

The Bai who finishes the work in a blink of an eye.

The Bai Band

The Bai who can’t wait to finish with your work so she can chill with her peeps.

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