8 Exciting Reasons to Celebrate the Festival of Lights

8 Exciting Reasons to Celebrate the Festival of Lights

Here’s a festival to brighten up any mood – the festival of lights. Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in India and here are the reasons why:

Shopping and Sales

Diwali 2017


Ah, that four-letter word that puts a smile on everyone’s face – SALE. Diwali is a great time to shop for anything that you’ve had your heart set on – whether its appliances, furniture, electronic gadgets, clothes or even jewelry. Gifts are given to near and dear ones during Diwali so shopping is always a big part of the pre-festival preparations.


Diwali 2017


One of the first things we do every year is check our leave calendars to see when Diwali is. Schools will be closed and most offices have one or two days off during this time. Some people might use these holidays to travel and visit their family or even plan a short getaway.

The Yummy Food


Diwali is not the time to go on a diet. Every visitor brings over a box of rich sweets that are impossible to ignore. However, Diwali is not just about the ‘mithai’. Other snacks and savory items enjoyed during this time are pooris, pakoras, deep-fried crisps and more.

Diwali 2017

A Reason to Dress Up

Diwali 2017


Everyone loves dressing up in traditional Indian attire but we usually only get a chance to do that for weddings. Whether you’re going out or expecting guests, Diwali is a perfect time to get pampered by beauty experts and wear fun ethnic outfits.

Gifts Galore!

Diwali 2017

As much fun as it is to shop for gifts for others, being on the receiving end is much more thrilling. Gifts can be in the form of edible treats like sweet boxes, dry fruits and chocolates or even clothing, gadgets and more.

Parties and Get Togethers

Diwali 2017


This festival brings together families and loved ones. Diwali bashes include exchanging gifts and feasting on elaborate spreads of sweets and savories. Playing cards or board games are like a tradition for some families while others sit outside and admire the fireworks.

It Doesn’t End too Soon

Diwali 2017


Though it might seem like the preparation and anticipation for Diwali goes on for months, there’s a special reward knowing that unlike most other festivals, this one doesn’t end in a day. Diwali is celebrated over 5 days, which means that the feasting and merrymaking go on and on and on.

The City Comes to Life


One of the best things about Diwali is looking out and seeing every house lit up in some way. Some have simple diyas lining the doorway while some have fairy lights going all around it. These lights and rangoli put everyone in a festive mood and make the entire city look so pretty.

Is Diwali your favorite festival? If so, let us know why by leaving a comment below.

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