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Dry Skin? No More! Try these Simple Winter Care Tips

Ladies, after the scorching summers, isn’t it great to feel the nip in the air? But then again, winters can create havoc for your poor skin, causing itchiness, dryness, breakouts and skin darkening!

Don’t worry! Just follow these simple tips to ensure your skin remains in good health all season long-

Say No To Hot Water
Ditch those steaming baths and bathe in lukewarm water instead!

Say No To Hot Water

Memorize To Moisturize
Before you walk out of your bathing room, remember to moisturize your skin well.

Memorize To Moisturize

Shield Your Skin
Invest in a good sunscreen that suits your skin type. And as an extra tip,feel free to stylize your dressing with gloves, scarfs or sunglasses to cover your exposed skin.

Shield Your Skin

Level Up Your Drinking Game
Not beer pong, it’s water we’re talking about! Enjoy your chai/coffee, but keep track on your water intake as well.

Shield Your Skin

While this regime will ensure your skin remains soft and smooth,it is imperative that you take a trip to the salon.. or wait!we have a better option – Bring the salon home with Housejoy.

Here are our NEWLY launched winter packages to pamper you with the best of care:


No Dry Skin This Winter

Don’t let dry skin come in the way of you and your beauty!

The package includes:

  • Detan Wax Full Arms
  • Detan Wax Full Legs
  • Threading Eyebrows
  • Threading Upperlips
  • Face Massage (for 10 mins)
  • Back & Shoulder Massage (for 15 mins)

Original Price: Rs. 2165

Offer Price: Rs. 1499

Schedule your appointment here today!


Winter Hair & Body Delight 

Kill two birds with one stone: Dry Hair & Dry Skin!

The package includes:

  • L’Oréal Deep Conditioning Hair Spa
  • Face Massage (for 10 mins)
  • Full Body Massage (for 30 mins)

Original Price: Rs. 2165

Offer Price : Rs. 1599
For a delightful experience,book this package now!


50-min Winter Basics Package

Highly recommended: Pamper your body once in every 3 weeks!

The package includes:

  • Back & Shoulder Massage (for 20 mins)
  • Face Massage (for 10 mins)
  • Head Massage (for 20 mins)

Original Price: Rs. 1199

Offer Price : Rs. 899

For some serious cold-weather pampering, this package is certainly your go-to!


And if you want more, click here to check out other amazing beauty services Housejoy helps you indulge in while you sit comfy at home!


Pamper Yourself


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