Five red flags that indicate phone trouble!

Five red flags that indicate phone trouble!

Today, our mobile phone is the essence of our personal and professional life. Work, family, friends, travel or shopping, our lives are almost completely dependent on our phones. The faster they perform, the higher our expectations climb. One day without our smartphones can drastically impact our lives. Hence, it is important to take notice of these five signs that indicate incoming mobile phone issues and head to the service centre ASAP!

1) Distorted / Blurred screen:

Blurred ScreenImage via ryncs1

The display screen is the most sensitive part of the phone. Constant flickering of the screen and the appearance of random bands are an indicator of problems with the display panel or the data cable that feeds this panel. In such a scenario, visit the nearest service centre without much delay.

2) Excessive heating and slowing down:


image via technokontrol

When you play games or watch videos on your smartphone, you will sometimes notice that the device is quite hot to touch. Overheating may damage the battery as well as pose a potential risk to the device. If your phone heats up abnormally and slows down time and again, it’s time to consider sending it for repairing.

3) Applications crashing frequently:

Application CrashImage via Phonereviews

Applications are what make a smartphone smart. You may have come across instances where an application has crashed due to an overload on the operating system or an issue with the flash memory (RAM or ROM). Under such circumstances, you need to back up your data and go for a complete reset. If the apps continue to crash, visit the nearest service centre to get your phone looked at by a professional.

4) Hung display:

Hung DisplaySometimes, the display becomes non-responsive to your touch. Many people try and hit multiple keys only for the problem to get worse. The reason for a hung display can be a lack of space, excessive usage of heavy applications or an outdated configuration. The most commonly applied solutions are to reboot your phone and to uninstall unnecessary apps and free up phone memory.

5) Delayed touch response:

Hang touch display

Image via Tested

You might have often experienced a delayed response on your touch screen. Over a period, the touch sensitivity reduces, and the phone registers your touch only after a few seconds. This is a sign of an overused operating system or a lack of phone memory and needs to be immediately addressed.

Ignoring incessant phone trouble can lead to endless smartphone woes and directly hamper your productivity and everyday tasks. Watch out for any of these signs and opt for a quick resolution to optimize your phone’s life and performance.

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