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Triple Your Charm with O3 Facials!

We’ve long ago bid farewell to the times when our mirrors would appreciate our beauty. Now, there’s not one day when our skin is spared by the constant dust and pollution outside. So to fix things up and get your skin looking buzz-worthy again, we’ve got a little surprise for you!

Introducing O3 Facial for skin that’s nothing less than flawless!

What is it?

Dry skin or oily skin, we have your back! Our O3 facials use products that suit your skin type to give it a rejuvenated look. And if in doubt ask any beauty expert; the products have a cult following already!

With a highly professional step-by-step treatment, we make sure your skin gets ample nourishment and oozes glam instantly!

O3 Facials- What is it?

Why O3?

One, the advanced skincare products used in our O3 facials are carefully prepared keeping in mind the needs and demands of the consumers so you get your skin looking radiant and fresh yet again.

And the second’s a big deal (well, literally!). With discounts up to Rs.500, we bet you can nowhere find a quality relaxing facial at the comfort of your home at a price so low!

O3 Facials- Why O3?

The test at our very own desk!

When we heard of this amazing skin treatment, we barely could hide our enthusiasm to try it out! And who could be a better critic than our very own category manager?

So, she picked the O3+ Shine & Glow Facial for herself. And boy, before she could even share her experience, she garnered oodles of compliments for her glowing skin already!

Since you now know the wonders of this fabulous treatment, why don’t you try it out for yourself? And maybe, after you’re done, secretly go back to your room, look into the mirror and whisper “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the beauty givin’ you a call?”

So, if you’re a true beauty freak, browse through our treatments and book yourself one!

What more, a BONUS! You get a free Therapeutic Neck & Shoulder Massage with each of the below treatments.

  1. O3+ Shine & Glow Facial

Original Price- Rs.2499, Offer Price- Rs.1999

  1. Sara Diamond

Original Price- Rs.2499, Offer Price- Rs.1999

  1. Sara Gold Facial

Original Price- Rs.1999, Offer Price- Rs.1499

  1. O3+ Agelock Detan Clean up

Original Price- Rs.1299, Offer Price- Rs.899

Now’s your call to indulge without the need to step out at all! Go ahead, book an 03 facial at home on Housejoy & share your experience in the comments below!

O3 Facials - book now

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