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Route back to Ayurveda to Revive your Skin!

We’re loving how the world’s going gaga over organic.

From being a fancy grocery section in the supermarket to something rejuvenating for your skin, organic has found its way everywhere.

Skin woes? It’s time we ask you to stick to your Indian roots and explore Ayurveda in your kitchen with organic products. Don’t believe us? Well, Zeba Sheriff has got more to talk about! 


Organic skin-friendly tips Zeba Sheriff swears by

A party to attend but partly prepared?

Ditch those harmful chemicals! Pick a fresh red tomato and cut it into two halves. Apply the pulp all over your face and relax for a while. Take a hot towel and pat it gently on your face 3-4 times. Now, wash off the residue with cold water. Repeat these steps just a few days more and you’re sure to see a clearer, younger looking skin.

Ayurveda beauty DIY- tomato


Fine lines? Refrain from shelling out those extra bucks on exorbitant skin care products. Apply yogurt on your face instead!

Ayurveda beauty DIY- yoghurt


If you’re not the lazy kind and have all the time to follow a strict beauty regime, you might as well consider to keep your skin nourished from inside. What do you do? Look for those oval-shaped pointy pills marked as ‘Almonds’ in your kitchen. Pick five and eat them off. No, don’t worry, you won’t overdose!

Ayurveda beauty DIY- almonds


And hey, if you still think going to the kitchen is a big task, we hear you! Try Housejoy’s all-new range of organic facials and clean-ups to revitalize your skin from the core. With quality Ayurvedic products made for dry and oily skins, you would never have to worry for that perfect skin fix ever again!

Housejoy Ayurveda facials & clean-ups


So, forget party jitters & get #2017Ready with these simple & natural beauty DIYs. Or better yet, take the chilled out route, book an Ayurvedic service on Housejoy & destress while we’re busy prepping you up for that killer look!

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That’s our bit! Don’t forget to tell us what DIY beauty tip(s) you’ve got in stock that we might’ve missed out on in the comments below.


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