Tips to Make your Mehendi Darker this Karva Chauth

Tips to Make your Mehendi Darker this Karva Chauth

On no other night does the sight of the moon make women as happy as the night of Karva Chauth; the  festival where women dress up, observe a day-long fast and offer prayers for the health and well-being of their husband. Like most festivals, henna plays a significant role during Karva Chauth as well. While most women want that rich color because of how it looks, there’s also an ancient belief (or myth), that the darker the color of mehendi on a girl’s hand – the deeper is her husband’s love for her.

Whatever the reason may be, here are some tips for those who want a more intense shade of mehendi:

  1. Lemon-sugar mix

At any mehendi ceremony before a wedding, it’s quite common to see a bowl of lemon-sugar being passed around. This is because lime helps the dye release of the color while sugar makes the mehendi stay in contact with the skin. To make this mixture – simply boil some sugar in water and let it cool. Pour this into a bowl and add some drops of lemon juice. Using a cotton ball, you can dab this solution on the mehendi when it dries up. Keep repeating this every now and then.


  1. Clove fumes

This works best when teamed up with the lemon-sugar method. After dabbing the solution, let your hands hover over a tawa that has a few cloves roasting on it. The fumes will dry up the mixture and also intensify the color of the henna.


  1. Say NO to H2O


Whatever you do – do not use water to remove the mehendi. Wait till its dry and just rub it off. Do make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you apply the mehendi though. Any dirt or grime will form a layer on your skin and prevent the mehendi from getting absorbed.


  1. Balm on the Palm

If you thought balms are only useful for blocked noses and severe headaches, you’re quite wrong. After leaving the mehendi on for a sufficient amount of time, rub your hands together till all the dried bits fall off. Then apply some Vicks or Tiger balm to your hands. This will make your mehendi a shade or two darker.


  1. Turn up the heat with mustard oil

After scraping off the mehendi, you can apply mustard oil to your hands. This is a heaty oil which will make your mehendi darker and more intense.


Now that you know what you should do to get darker mehendi, let’s just look at all the things you shouldn’t.

  1. Don’t attempt any hair-removal treatments after applying the henna. Try to get your waxing done in advance.
  2. Do not use a blow dryer to make the mehendi dry faster.
  3. Don’t be in a hurry! Let the mehendi take its time and dry out.

If you have tried and tested other tricks to darken the color of mehendi, share your secrets by leaving a comment below.

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