Mother’s Day Special: Things Moms Say and What they REALLY Mean!

We’ve finally got our hands on the secret codes of Moms. This list can help save time, avoid confusion and prevent some arguments with mommy dearest.

Here are some sentences moms usually say and what they actually mean when they say them.


When she says – We’ll See

What she really means – Not in a million years


When she says – Go ask your father for permission

What she really means – I’ll force him to give you the same answer I just did anyway, so Ha!


When she says – Let’s see who can stay quiet for longer

What she really means – Please stop talking! I can’t take it anymore!!!!


When she says – Maybe you should wear a sweater, it’s cold outside

What she really means – Your outfit is a little too revealing or tight and I don’t want you going outside the house like that!


When she says – Just send me a text to tell me when you’re coming home.

What she really means – I’m going to anyway keep calling and texting you to ask you when you’re coming home.


When she says – I only need a few things from the grocery store.

What she really means – I’ll keep adding to the list and even call you when you’re on your way back because I will most definitely remember some items then.


When she says – Because I said so

What she really means – You’re probably right and I have no logical explanation for my reason but do it anyway.


When she says – Fine! Do what you want.

What she really means – Do what I told you to do or there will be consequences.


When she says – Which friend are you going to meet?

What she really means – Is it a boyfriend? Is it the boy who liked your profile picture on Facebook?


When she says  – Things were easier when you were a baby

What she really means – You pooped and peed on me but that was still better than when you started talking.


When she says – Remember your manners

What she really means – Please don’t make me look bad in public


When she says – I love you

What she really means – I love you more than you’ll ever know or understand

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If you’re a mom, we’re sorry for leaking out your secret codes, to help you forgive us – use the Mother’s day code and pamper yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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