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A Shout Out To The Bride’s Best Friend

It’s your best friend who is going to walk down the aisle. How exciting does that sound? You must have already made a long list of things you would want to do on her wedding. But hey! don’t forget, with being a bridesmaid comes great responsibilities. From helping her build the perfect bridal trousseau to accompanying her for lingerie shopping, there are a lot of things that are expected of you. Below are few of the crucial ones that shouldn’t miss your attention.

1) Planning the BASHelorette Party

You and your BFF must have talked about this a zillion times. Now it’s time to put all those ideas together and organise an ideal hen party for her. But what’s ideal? It could be a pub crawl, a beach vacation or a cozy pajama party – anything that she would enjoy the most.

Bridesmaid Bachelorette
2) Keeping track of all her appointments

A bride is occupied with so many things that it becomes impossible to take care of every small detail. This could create a lot of chaos on the D-Day. Be her saviour by keeping a track of all her appointments.

Bridesmaid Appointments

3) Managing The Social Media Campaign

Sending e-invites to friends and family, posting her pictures on the page and counting down the days – you have to make sure their wedding gets all the limelight in the virtual world.

Bridesmaid Social Media

4) Book Your Salon Appointment

Amidst all of this running around, don’t forget about your own preparations. Get your ensemble and matching jewelry ready, and book your hair & makeup appointment well in advance.

Bridesmaid Salon Appointment

5) Have Loads Of Fun

This goes without saying. While you make sure all the things are taken care of, don’t forget to have a blast. After all it’s your BFF’s wedding.

Bridesmaid Fun

The biggest responsibility of a bridesmaid is to keep the bride calm. It is certain that she will have bouts of anxiety, and in those situations it’s your duty to give her the much needed emotional support.

If your friend is tying the knot this wedding season, do your call of duty and share it with the other fabulous to-be bridesmaids. And once you’re done, take a bow because now you are all set to become ‘The Perfect Bridesmaid’.


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