Shady Secrets: What Your Favourite Lipstick Says about You?

Scarlet red, bold brown or a dark mauve – your lips can sometimes say more than the words that come out of them.

You might have reasons for your choice of everyday lipstick shade – one that matches your outfit or one that’s the current trend, but your favourite go-to lipstick can reveal more than you think. Here’s what your lipstick is telling the world about you:



Bright red lips make a bold statement and the colour projects confidence. Red also says you’re a passionate, romantic person. You might also like anything vintage and associate more with the 1950s. Those who are usually in the side lines can use red lipstick as a way to transform into a more powerful version of themselves.



If you find yourself drawn to nude shades of lipstick, you’re probably shy and don’t like drawing too much attention. You do have a sense of fashion and are aware of the latest trends but choose to stay comfortable. Though you come off as quiet, once people get to know you – they love being around you.



Mauve reflects mystery and luxury. You’re a confident woman who isn’t afraid to take charge. You’re also quite feminine, patient and organized. You know what you want and what you’re doing, but you’re not very flashy.



Bold, daring and confident is how a lot of people see you as and you do not beg to differ. Life has harsh and sweet gifts for you and you accept both with open arms. You also have a great sense of fashion and your creativity is desired by many.

Hot Pink:


You’re social and energetic and used to standing out in a crowd. You’re bubbly and can easily make friends. You are also adventurous and like trying out new things – be it food, places or experiences.

Baby Pink:


You’re girly and feminine and love all things that make you go ‘awwww’ like babies and puppies. Light pink is the colour of innocence and this shade of lipstick gives you a softer, friendlier vibe.


What the Tip of the Tube Says about You


If you want to change how you come off, try a different shade. You might find that you like it better. What’s your go-to shade? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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