A Festival for Your Fingers: 10 Nail Art Ideas Using Silver and Gold

A Festival for Your Fingers: 10 Nail Art Ideas Using Silver and Gold

Getting ready for the festive season might have been a nail-biting experience so now that it’s time to celebrate – pamper your nails with some glitter and glam. When your outfits change every day, your nails might have a tough time keeping up – that’s why we have rounded up 10 great ways to decorate your nails using the classic shades of silver and gold. Here they are:

  1. Simply silver or gorgeously gold

    nail art

Obviously, first on the list is to have your nails painted in silver or gold depending on the base color of most of your outfits. For this, you can go with matte, glossy or even glitter paint.

  1. Standing out in the crowd

If you want to have some color on your nails, you can paint most of them and have a stand-alone silver or gold nail. Alternatively, you can paint this one nail in stripes of white and gold or white and silver.

nail art

  1. Ombré effect

For this, you can paint your nails in your favorite shade or just apply a transparent coating. Then apply a glitter-based polish to your tips and lightly add some of it to the center so that it looks like a gradual fade.

nail art

  1. Fingertip art

If you like being creative, use your glitter paint to create a work of art on each nail. You can play with spots, stripes, stars and even color some whole.

nail art

  1. Here’s a good tip

You can go for a sparkly version of the French manicure where the base is clear or nude and each nail is topped with silver or gold glitter.

nail art

  1. Half and half

This is another version of the gradient glitter effect where half your nail (horizontal, vertical or even diagonal) is one color and the other half is silver or gold.

nail art

  1. Subtle shimmer

This is an easy one. Simply use your favorite color nail paint and after it dries, use a top coat of light gold or silver shimmer nail paint.

nail art

  1. Best of both worlds

If you can’t decide which way to go – use both silver and gold nail paints. The gradient or ombre effect looks quite spectacular with these two colors and it can make any outfit pop.

nail art

  1. Reverse French

A twist on the traditional French manicure, this design involves painting the moon of your nails with silver or gold nail paint. Again you can go with glitter, matte, glossy or metallic and you can choose to have a neutral or bright color for the rest of your nail.

nail art

  1. Stick-on sparkle

You can light up your nails with glitter nail art in the form of stickers and 3D designs that include specs, rhinestones, stars, bows and more.

nail art

Leave a comment below if you know of others ways to make your nails shimmer and shine this festive season.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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