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The Many Benefits of Facials

One may have a facial done to reverse the damage inflicted by everyday stress, pollution and free radicals, to do away with (adult) acne and blemishes, or to simply pamper oneself with a relaxing face massage. Whatever be your reason for indulging in one, your skin will unquestionably reap many benefits. We tell you how to choose the right facial for your skin type, how long to wait before you go in for your next one, and what to do to prolong the effects of the beauty procedure.

What exactly is a facial?

 A facial is a short beauty treatment that improves the texture and appearance of the facial skin. It may involve a scrub, steam, extraction of white-heads and blackheads, application of various creams, lotions or masks, and most importantly, a massage to improve blood circulation (a clean-up, on the other hand, does not include a massage). Depending on the effect desired, a facial can include something as simple as fruit extracts or address specific skin problems, like the light therapy facial that is used to treat acne.

Why do you need a facial?

A facial unclogs the skin’s pores (something you just cannot DIY) from deep within. It also helps safeguard against future skin problems like wrinkles, extreme dryness, pigmentation, etc. Popping zits and uprooting white-heads and blackheads can leave behind scars – it is best to leave them to a skilled professional to minimize damage. Women with adult acne or sensitive skin can have specialized facials done to stabilize sebum production, reduce inflammation, increase cell turnover, etc. The results are an even-toned complexion, softer age lines, smaller pores, greater suppleness and generally happier skin. Also, studies prove that the face, neck and shoulder massage included in facials is incredibly stress-relieving!

What facial is best suited to your skin type?

If you are blessed with normal skin, you can choose just about any facial you want. Make sure that you pick one with thorough clean-up and moisturising procedures to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Dry skin needs extra care – opt for a facial that steers clear of harsh cleansers, scrubs and creams. Oxygen and fruit facials are your best bets. Acne-prone or oily skin is super sensitive – let your aesthetician know in advance of any specific ingredient allergies, and choose a facial which includes a mud/clay pack. Combination skin will benefit from any facial that does not involving a deep massage. Tired, mature skin requires a deep, brightening, anti-ageing facial that also hydrates extensively. People have different skin types and not all products suit specific skin, so it is advisable to let a professional handle the complexities rather than performing a self-facial at home.

How often should you go in for a facial?

If you are under 22, wait for 2 months before your next facial. For others, if you do not suffer from major skin issues, once a month is ideal. Skimp on the exfoliation, wear SPF, drink lots of water, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle for greater benefits from a facial.

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