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Your Date Won’t Wait! A Checklist for Valentine’s Day at Home.

Here comes the SPECIAL day of Love that calls for all kinds of celebrations. But while you plan on visiting the finest eatery in town and enjoying a delectable cuisine with your special someone, you realize that the restaurants are filled to the brim already.

Well, worry not when you can do so much in the comfort of your home!

How about a night-in with great food, your kind of music and no unnecessary crowding at all? Sounds like a plan, right!?

So, don’t wait! Buck up & start planning that super-romantic date in the cozy of your nest. And while you’re at it, a little helping hand from us wouldn’t hurt!

Here’s a special check-list we’ve chalked out to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day at home in style:

Valentine's day- pest control Hold your horses and your butterflies…….It’s time to look for the pests first.

Rule #2:

Valentine's day- laundry

On a special day like this, keep your mind focused on what’s romantic! Your old socks and stinky shirts are a no-no!

Rule #3:

Valentine's day- electrical

Although both give you the chills, the second kind of thrilling is better avoided!

Rule #4:

Valentine's day- carpentry

This kind of falling hurts, literally! Let no furniture fiasco break your date!

Rule #5:

Valentine's day- beauty

After all, fourteen is the date to look fabulous top-to-toe!

Blind date or not, self-indulgence is an indispensable prep step! And to help you or your date look absolutely on-point, we have a little something:

14% off + 14% cashback on beauty services. So fascinating that even the love so blind can’t stop staring!

And if you make bookings for the maximum amount in a month, a sweet surprise from us will be awaiting you!

So, there you go! That’s our way of having you covered for this big day!

And if you think there’s anything we missed out on this date-saving list, feel free to share in the comments below.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine's Day- book a service

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