5 Regular Practices That Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair

5 Regular Practices That Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair

Part of having perfectly tamed tresses all year round means you’ve got to up your hair maintenance game and identify what’s the root cause of damaged hair. Is it over conditioning or always putting your hair in a pony? Or both? Well, we’ve gathered five ways you’re possibly damaging your hair even without knowing it *yelp*.

Over Shampooing

Too much shampoo can be a big boo boo for your hair. A few lucky people can get away with washing their hair every single day but for most of us, it’ll cause our hair to get dry and frizzy!

damaged hair

Over Dying

Even though rainbow highlights are huge this season, do know that you’re putting tubes full of chemicals on your mane! If you’re especially prone to hair fall and dry tresses, then stay off the hair dyes and opt for an au natural look.

Over Tying

While pulling back your hair in a tight pony might be the most relaxing thing to do at the end of your day, you’re possibly pulling your hair right out of your follicles. Be gentle on ‘em tresses.

damaged hair


Over Doing Dry Shampoo

Just when we thought that dry shampoo is the holy grail of all hair products, we’ve come to understand that overusing it can do some major damage! Sadly, it clogs up your pores and makes your follicles swell up leading to some nasty scalp infections *yikes*.

Over Heating

We know it’s almost close to impossible to stay off the styling wands but here’s the deal- use them sparingly AND always use heat protectant! Also, try keep the temperatures low and be patient while styling your hair. And don’t forget to deep condition your hair weekly.

damaged hair

Basically, you can have fun styling your tresses, just don’t over do it and remember a little precaution now can go a loooong way. Think Rapunzel.


damaged hair

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