5 Treatments to Consider Before the Big Day!

Finally, it’s going to be your day. When everything is about you – all cameras will be pointed at you and everyone will be talking about you. All of that attention will make you feel really excited but also a little terrified. So you already have the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry but what about the other things like the flawless teeth, the unmatched skin glow and the ‘kicking the pot of rice’ picture-worthy pedicure. With preparations all around you, there are things you’re bound to forget.  This is the essential 5 pointer checklist which you might just have missed out. Read on!

Professional teeth whitening

From greeting the guests to posing for a thousand pictures, your teeth and cheeks are going to be doing some heavy lifting that day. For your cheeks you can do some cheek exercises and for your teeth – you can get them ready by booking an appointment for professional teeth whitening.  

bridal treatments

Hair colour

A visit to the salon at least 2- 3 months before the wedding is mandatory (or bring the salon home). Get acquainted with the hair colour your stylist is thinking for you. Once the trial is done and you’re fully satisfied, book the hair colour 2 weeks prior to the wedding. No one wants the this-is-not-how-i-pictured-it-in-my-head result, three days before the wedding.

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Dermatologist visit

Importance of the dermatologist visit can hardly be overstated for it is definitely one of the most crucial ones. Having talked to your salon professional, let your dermatologist know what product(s) you’d be using,

Get clear advice as to how you’d be able to keep your skin radiant for the Big day and have a safety kit in case there are allergies or other minute skin problems you face.

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Diet control

Diet planning is not just portion control or a game plan to get you fitting into a dress that’s two sizes smaller. It also involves getting a list of all the foods that will help your skin and hair look great.

bridal treatments


Sleeping well is extremely important. Staying calm and composed is even more. Look for a meditation or yoga class a few months before your wedding. After a basic course, you can practice the poses at home to help you stay relaxed when everything around you is chaotic.

bridal treatments


Make sure to include all of these in your wedding-planning checklist and have yourself a wonderful wedding.

bridal treatments

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