5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Skin Youthful

5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Skin Youthful

Let’s be honest, there’s no magic mirror or a fountain of youth that promises to rescue us from the wrath of ageing. However, you can battle the signs even before it stares you back in the mirror with an easy-to-accomplish good skin regime, a healthy diet and some anti-ageing tips. Follow along and get regimented.

Keep Hydrated

Before you start taking those collagen shots, consider simply getting enough water in your system. Dehydrate yourself and you’ll find your skin looking dull and saggy. So remember to drink at least 8 or more glasses of water a day.

anti ageing tips

Sun Protection

Getting a daily dose of vitamin D is good for you but don’t go roasting yourself under the sun. The harmful UV rays are permanently damaging and also you loose a tonne of collagen that could trigger all the signs of ageing. So slather on some sunscreen every single day without fail. Nothing less than SPF 15 will do.

Clean Eating

Binging on doughnuts, chips and all things naughty can do some real damage to your skin, especially if you have oily acne-prone skin. Avoid eating junk and eat a diet that is rich with antioxidants like spinach, nuts, seeds and berries. Just remember that healthy skin starts with a healthy gut. Got that?

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Skin Regime

You know the drill right? The one where you’re supposed to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin every single am and pm without fail. The key to having a good skin regime is finding products that suit your skin. Whether you want to go organic or not is up to you but do consider opting for products with less chemicals. Also, if you’re inching towards 30 then start picking products that have some collagen in them- this helps with the keeping your skin youthful.

Beauty Sleep

Your slumber hours dictate how fresh and radiant your skin looks the next day. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep or else suffer the onset of dull, dry and saggy skin. Also, don’t forget to clean off the whole day’s gunk from your face- that includes your kajal too!

anti ageing tips

Follow these 5 simple tips and you’ll be sure to age ever-so-gracefully a la Cindy Crawford.

anti ageing tips

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