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5 Quick Tips to Protect Your Hair from Monsoon

We all love to get drenched in the first rain. However, believe it or not the romantic weather takes a toll on your hair. Even the healthiest of hair suffer in monsoons due to humidity, fungal infections and environmental pollutants, making them lifeless & brittle.

While the rain sets in, make use of the following ‘Pro Hair Care Guide’ to prevent your tresses from an eventual monsoon mishap:



Let’s be honest, the urge of celebrating and dancing in the first rains always gets the better of us. However, always ensure you rinse & wash your scalp with plenty of clean water. During monsoons, keep your hair well dried to avoid fungal infections. Artificial techniques like blow drying or rollers might leave your hair lifeless, hence it is advisable to allow your hair to dry on its own.



Mild shampooing everyday goes a long way! When you are struggling with humid, oily and moist scalp, it becomes important to shampoo your hair almost every day. Although it is not feasible to wash and dry hair every day, but mild shampooing revitalizes the roots and helps in restoring the volume and strength of your hair.



The good old grannies were always right! Quick oil massages every day before going to bed helps in keeping your hair softer and manageable. Warming coconut-based hair oil and applying it to your hair from roots to ends, one section at a time, and combing through, will do wonders for your hair.



We know it is difficult to say NO to your morning coffee, but excessive caffeine leads to dehydration resulting into all sort of hair problems. You can replace your daily caffeine intake with healthier organic beverages like fruit juice, herbal tea or milk. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!



Monsoons are harsh on your hair making them fizzy, tangled, oily and weak. Make hair conditioning and hair spa a habit. Hair conditioning helps your mane get silky & smooth. Hair spa will ensure your scalp is infection & dandruff free.

Make sure you enjoy the season of monsoon to the fullest, but not at the expense of your hair!

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