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10 Essential Beauty Products for the Monsoons

The lovely July weather can make even the most unfeeling amongst us get into a romantic, mushy mood. And what is the one thing that you must absolutely do when in such a schmaltzy state of mind (or must we say heart)? Go on fun dates, of course. We tell you what beauty products you must have in your vanity kit to look your gorgeous best all through this season of love.

  1. The humidity can make your skin break out – keep a mild, creamy, non-drying face cleanser with anti-acne properties handy at all times.


  1. Control excess sebum production by using a toner, preferably with salicylic acid, a pore-tightening, acne-fighting wonder ingredient. You may also opt for fresh, organic rose water which is a natural, inexpensive toner.


  1. An oil-free, water based moisturizer will act as a hydrator cum makeup primer.


  1. Make your makeup stay put with a mattifying loose face powder and anti-shine makeup setting spray.
  1. This is a no-brainer – pick up long wearing, waterproof mascara and eyeliner to last you through the rainy season. Additionally, you may try mixing a waterproofing serum (like the Makeup For Ever Aqua Seal) with your regular makeup products to keep within your beauty budget.
  1. Manage your unruly mane with a styling spray/serum that controls frizz; dry oil may do the trick for some.
  1. Invest in a deep conditioning hair mask – choose one with all-natural, organic ingredients, especially oils. A clarifying shampoo will help get rid of all chemical and oil buildup on your scalp and hair.
  1. Nurse your skin back to its pre-rains glory with an ultra-hydrating nighttime skin serum – look for ones with antioxidants to make up for the damage done by free radicals/pollution.


  1. Do not forget to use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 even on dull, overcast days – pick a waterproof, matte formula.


  1. Choose creamy, moisturizing lip stains over (matte) lipsticks for a fresh yet practical look.


Do you want to give your skin and hair an instant pick-me-up? Book a session with our beauty professional today!

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