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How Well Can You Identify These Wash Care Labels?

While excessive shopping for clothes is a choice that we make, there’s something that comes with no choice at all- the upkeep of your apparels! And although every garment comes with a detailed wash care label to handle them with kid gloves, most of us often forget that they even exist. Result? Faded, shrunken, discoloured clothes!

Here’s a short trivia to test how well acquainted you are with these wash care labels!

A triangle indicates:

A circle with the letter ‘P’ inside stands for:

A black triangle with crossed lines is:

A square with a circle in the middle. Any guesses?

A bucket symbol with a cross through indicates:

A square and three vertical lines refers to:

We hope you scored well! And if you haven’t, we advise you check out your labels right away. But in case you feel that it’s not your forte, how about getting your clothes laundered from Housejoy? And before you sign off, don’t forget to share your scores with us!

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One thought on “How Well Can You Identify These Wash Care Labels?

  1. Loved it. This is something everybody should know.

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